When They Whisper

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Max never knew his parents, only that they abandoned him on the harsh planet Gandar-5. Raised by his guardian Bernard, Max ekes out a meager living hunting dangerous wildlife for the planet's cruel overlords. When Max and Bernard's latest gambit to escape their oppressors goes awry, they find themselves captive bound for unknown place.

With time running out, Bernard reveals an incredible secret about Max's past that changes everything. Failure means a fate worse than death at the hands of the mercurial Silver officer Schnegg, a man as brutal as he is cunning. Max's only weapons are his wits, his stubborn guardian Bernard, and a power he's only beginning to understand.

His mission will take him across the stars and pit him against a mighty empire. The stakes are higher than Max could have imagined, but freedom is worth any risk.


Manfred, the Chancellor of War, finds himself embroiled in political intrigue and corruption. Manfred struggles between following the advice of his trusted advisor Alaric to rule with temperance, and taking matters into his own hands.

As tensions rise, Manfred resorts to violent means to root out the rot he sees at the core of leadership on some of the faraway planets they rule over.

He soon realizes that the web of lies and betrayal runs deeper than he imagined, forcing him to question even those closest to him. Manfred must fight to uphold his ideals of honor and justice, at the risk of losing himself in the process.

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When They Whisper

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